Why Papagayo Golden Palms is a Fantastic Beach Venue

Hotels on beautiful beaches are great venues for weddings and special celebrations. They are even better when the hotel is in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The icing on the celebratory cake is when the hotel is in the world-recognized Gulf of Papagayo. Papagayo Golden Palms Beachfront Hotel is all that. Let´s explore why Papagayo Golden Palms is a fantastic beach venue for your heart-touching occasion or milestone.

Located on Panama Beach, Papagayo Golden Palms Beachfront Hotel has a variety of on-site venues for your event. Whether it be a wedding, a birthday celebration, an ask their hand in marriage moment, a corporate incentive program, or an anniversary get-together. Maybe you just feel like celebrating life with family and friends and would like to create memorable moments with them during your stay. Whatever the occasion, there is a space to enjoy the moment and make memories.


1. Restaurant Arenas

Papagayo Golden Palms Beachfront Hotel’s signature restaurant is a partly open-air venue with high ceilings and overlooks the pool area and the beach beyond. This space is airy and fresh, with ample seating for all the guests at your event.

Papagayo Golden Palms Restaurant

The restaurant area has three sections that create additional space and offer varied ambiance and fabulous opportunities for your event. The restaurant’s main room, with its cone-shaped polished wood ceiling, adds height and elegance to the space and contrasts the exterior colors, including the greens from the nearby mangrove forest and the manicured tropical gardens and the blues from the sky and the pool.


2. Tropical Gardens under the Guanacaste Tree

Papagayo Golden Palms has beautifully maintained tropical gardens that offer the perfect space for an outdoor event immersed in the greens, oranges, purples, reds, and yellows of the flowers, lawn, and plants. This spectacular area is also home to some enormous Guanacaste, Costa Rica´s national tree. Its flowers are gorgeous too. They are white and circular, mirroring cotton buds and contrasting the lush, green leaves.

Gardens Hotel Papagayo Golden Palms

Thanks to its size and beauty, the Guanacaste tree is also part of your event’s decoration. The Guanacaste offers natural shade to your party or celebration if your special occasion is in the morning or afternoon. Its long stretching branches and leaves provide the perfect cover you need.


3. Pool Area Cocktail

The Papagayo Golden Palms Pool Area is ideal for an afternoon cocktail or morning mimosa. Shaded by palm trees and other generous trees and with plenty of space around the pool, this venue also receives the ocean breeze from the beach, just steps away.

Pool area cocktail

Thanks to its convenient location, the pool area is between the restaurant and the short walkway to the beach, so after the cocktail or morning drink by the pool, the main event in either of these two spaces is nearby and easily accessible. Space permitting, the pool area works perfectly as the main venue too!


4. Panama Beach

What better than a beach wedding, romantic dinner, sunset cocktail, or dining under the stars? Papagayo Golden Palms Beachfront Hotel has the perfect beach for you! At the far end of Panama Beach in the Gulf of Papagayo and with views of the Papagayo Peninsula, take off your shoes and feel the sand between your toes for the most beautiful tropical venue around!

Panama beach

Panama Beach is best known for its calm, inner-bay waters, spectacular sunsets embraced by the palm trees that line it, and that, despite its beauty, remains relatively uncrowded. This sets the perfect backdrop as a celebration venue, whether a sit-down dinner for your wedding party or team-building activity for your corporate event. Complemented by the Arenas Restaurant catering, dining is delicious and a breeze too. After numerous successful events on the beach, every detail is covered and trial-run already.


5. Firepit and Hammock Beachside Garden

Between the pool and beach, Papagayo Golden Palms has a shaded area with fire pits and hammocks that can be converted into the most romantic venue imaginable. With the sun’s rays or the moonlight seeping through the tree´s leaves, and the winding stone walls adding texture to the venue area, this grassed space is picture-perfect for your event.

Firepit hammock beachside garden

Slightly elevated from the beach and the ocean, the area is not only beautifully natural but your wedding or celebration will also have spectacular water views. The Papagayo Golden Palms event coordinators will ensure an outstanding event under the stars or the blue skies, where the sights and sounds of nature are your backdrop.

Papagayo Golden Palms Beachfront Hotel has a venue to fit all occasions. Surrounded by the beauty of Costa Rica´s natural wonders and with the ocean breeze and the sounds of the ebbs and flows of the Pacific Ocean, let´s create the best event imaginable for your wedding, birthday, corporate event, or just because. We look forward to learning about your dream celebration and making it a reality!