From traditional dishes to innovative creations, every bite tells a story of dedication and love for cooking. Discover the delight of exquisite flavors in a cozy and elegant setting, where every meal becomes a memorable experience for your palate.


Arenas Restaurant

"Discover an exceptional dining experience at our Arenas restaurant, where the love of fine cuisine and the lush beauty of Costa Rica converge. Each exquisite dish, crafted by our talented chef and culinary team, reflects our devotion to local foods, eco-friendly cuisine and healthy choices. Immerse yourself in a culinary journey that celebrates the authentic flavors of the region in a setting that combines elegance with sustainability. At Arenas, enjoy an experience that will delight your senses and make you discover the best of Costa Rican gastronomy."


Tempting creations are infused with innovative flair, local flavors, and the freshest regional ingredients and produce like hearts of palm, plantains, and passionfruit.


Not to be outdone, our skilled mixologists craft tantalizing cocktails with exotic names like the Tropical Kiss, whose flavors and colors are the perfect accompaniment to the stunning citrus-orange sunsets over Playa Hermosa.