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Strategically located near the Liberia International Airport, Papagayo Golden Palms is your gateway to an accessible, boutique beachfront retreat that seamlessly blends high-end luxury with outdoor ocean activities. Enjoy experiences such as kayaking, paddleboarding and unforgettable catamaran sunsets. Treat yourself to spa treatments and relaxation amidst lush surroundings.

Toll Free USA/Canada: 1-800-334-0488

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Enjoy this season and book with a special rate for nationals and residents, we strongly believe in providing unforgettable experiences to all our guests, we want to celebrate and support our local visitors.

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Planning ahead means enjoying a reduced rate on your reservation and gaining plenty of time to schedule all the extras that make a stay really special.

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Whether you're on an extended work assignment, looking for a temporary retreat during a major transition or simply want to fully explore all that our lovely location has to offer.

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Take advantage of this unique opportunity to book your stay with special discounts and additional benefits.